How to Clean Wax and Paraffin from Carpet

Clean Wax And Paraffin from carpet

Carpets need maintenance and a conscious cleaning regime. Once you get your carpet area filled with magnificent carpets, you need to be extra cautious about what you do around it.

Your carpets at home are susceptible to many kinds of stains, such as wax and paraffin.

You may accidentally pour some hot liquid wax on your carpet while enhancing the look of your room. Also, some coloured wax can be all over your carpet due to coloured candles, wax crayons, etc. So not to worry. You can call professional carpet cleaners to remove the carpet fabric’s wax.

They follow a procedure that is the best way to get wax out of the carpet. You can also learn about the steps and prepare yourself for emergencies.

Let us see how professionals clean wax and paraffin from your carpet fibres.

How Do You Get Candle Wax Off Carpet And Upholstery?

Candle wax can easily ruin anything that it spills on. Be it your expensive upholstery or the carpet. You need to be cautious around the flooring that is covered with the carpet.

But unfortunately, even if paraffin or candle wax gets on your carpet, you can follow the steps and get it out of the fabric quickly and easily.

  • Prepare The Spot And The Things You Require

To begin well-prepared, you may need- a butter knife, iron, dryer, cleaning mop, ice packs, solvents, vacuum, brush and paper towels. You must mark the spot that needs attention and isolate it by keeping the affected site separated from the unaffected area.. Do not rub or try to spread the wax all around the unaffected areas.

  • Use Ice

Once you spot the wax spilt area, use an ice cube wrapped in a towel to freeze the ice. Frozen wax will lift from the carpet fabric and quickly get out of the fibres. Use a wrapped ice pack to prevent the wax and the carpet from getting wet and more damaged.

Ensure to keep the pack for a while till the wax solidifies.

  • Scrape The Area With A Knife To Get Rid Of Wax

Once the wax freezes, you can easily scrape off the frozen wax. Be gentle in the area, as you may not want the carpet to get damaged by scraping. Use a blunt knife and slowly, with light pressure, try to scrape it off. The solid wax can quickly get off with the knife. If it solidifies enough, it will come off entirely. If it does not, then you need to use iron.

  • Iron The Wax Stain Area

When the wax does not come off, you need to use iron on that area to warm the residual wax and get rid of it. You need to use a paper towel or dry towel and put the same on the affected area.

Put your iron at a low temperature and slowly iron the towel to melt the wax. The wax melted due to heat will get on the towel, and you can quickly get rid of it. Ensure to check the progress and stop when it gets off wholly.

  • Vacuum The Area

Once the wax is entirely off the carpet and scraped off by the knife, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the scraped wax. The scraped wax gets away from the fibre with a vacuum cleaner, and you can easily clean the area afterwards. Ensure to use the vacuum directly on the site. You can also use a soft bristle gentle brush to get the wax out of the carpet after you remove it from the fibre with ice and iron.

  • Clean The Spot

After you are done vacuuming, clean the spot. You may require some solvent to clean the area and remove the patch. Use eco-friendly solvents only as they are non-damaging for the carpet fabric. Use a mop and lightly rub the solvent over the spot. Wash and clean the solvent afterwards. Cleaning the site will help remove any residual wax left on the carpet, even after ironing the area.

  • Dry The Area

Dry the area with a dryer after you clean the spot. The carpet must be thoroughly dried after cleaning, as wet and damp carpets are susceptible to permanent damage. The dirt and dust, along with mildew, get on the carpet fabric and damage it ultimately. So after cleaning the carpet and washing the area, remember to dry the spot and make it completely water-free.

  • Deodorize And Sanitise The Area

After you complete the process, deodorise the carpet to neutralise the smell of the solvents, wax, and paraffin. Once you finish the process and get through with all the steps, sanitise the fabric to kill germs and allergens.

The whole process is to make your carpet wax-free and well-sanitised.

How Do You Get Color Wax Out Of Carpet?

You can get rid of wax by following the above-listed steps and returning your carpet to being spotlessly clean.

But if the wax that gets on the carpet is coloured or of wax crayons, you need to add one more step.

After you get away with the wax, you can treat the left tint with a dish wash or mild detergent.

You can also use organic bleaches afterwards. Pour the detergent on the affected spot and leave it for some time. Rub the area and let it settle.

After a few minutes, use water to take out the soap and the strain.

You can repeat the step to ensure the stains come out ultimately.

You can quickly get the stain out by being alert and working on the coloured wax stain immediately.

So carpet wax is not a pleasant situation and not at all welcome.

You can call professional carpet cleaners if the problem is too deep. They have the experience and all the required and acquired skills to get the carpet free from wax and stain afterwards.

They use eco-friendly solutions, and they have the required machines to work on the wax and its stains in a better way.

So call professional carpet cleaners when dealing with wax, paraffin or coloured wax to get the best result.